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410 Labs Makes Email Simpler, Shorter and Social with Shortmail

New Email Service Helps Users Maximize Focus, Minimize Noise

San Francisco, Calif. (June 29, 2011) — 410 Labs announced today at the eComm Conference that it has released its Shortmail email service from private beta, making the service fully available to the public.

Shortmail is a full-strength email service with a streamlined set of features, designed to reduce the clutter and inefficiencies that have caused so many people to dread dealing with their email. The service allows users to send short emails messages with a 500 character limit, stressing conciseness. Shortmail can be used directly via its web interface, or accessed via email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, iPhone mail and Android mail. Anyone with a Twitter username can claim their free account at shortmail.com

"Email has become overwhelming for many people, to the point of being unusable," said Dave Troy, CEO of 410 Labs. "We want your inbox to be a happy place. Shortmail is designed to make email easy and usable again. We believe Shortmail's focus on concise communications will help people focus on what's important—maintaining personal and professional relationships through communications."

Shortmail makes your inbox a happier place using these unique design elements:

  1. 500 character length limit on messages is long enough to express a complex thought or ask a colleague a question, while filtering out much spam, newsletters, promotions and dissertations.  Thus your Shortmail inbox becomes the place for to-the-point messages in sizes and quantity you can digest and respond to quickly.
  2. Shortmail turns every Twitter account into a Shortmail address at [yourtwittername]@shortmail.com. For example, if your Twitter name is @aplusk, the Shortmail account aplusk@shortmail.com already exists and is just waiting to be claimed.
  3. Shortmail is interoperable with all email users, allowing users to communicate with everyone on the world's largest communications network.
  4. Shortmail is organized around people, not messages, which lets you focus on the that you might want to respond to, rather than managing messages.
  5. Messages can be private or public. When you compose a Shortmail, you can choose to send it privately, or make it a public message, available on the web via a public, shareable URL. Examples where this might be useful include customer service, fan mail, or a question you might pose to a government official or business leader – or just a conversation you want to share on the web or through a social network.

Shortmail was developed in response to the rise of the short email movement, such as the Three Sentences Email (http://three.sentenc.es/), and TED Conference curator Chris Anderson's recent call for an Email Charter (http://tedchris.posterous.com/help-create-an-email-charter).

"There are clearly pain-points around the 40 year old email system that has seen very little innovation, particularly in recent years. We believe that Shortmail delivers something that users will find valuable," says Dave Troy.

Users can sign up for a Shortmail account for free at Shortmail.com by signing in with their existing Twitter account.

About 410 Labs

410 Labs makes socially productive tools for web and mobile platforms and was founded in 2010 by successful serial entrepreneurs Dave Troy and Matthew Koll. Its first two products are Replyz, which makes it easier for people to find and interact with helpful people, and Shortmail. 410 Labs is based in Baltimore, Md., and is hiring.


410 Labs CEO Dave Troy is available for interview, and print and web-quality screenshots of Shortmail are available. Contact Luke Gibson at 410-937-6493 or luke@simplyevolve.com to request an interview or to obtain images.